“I believe sharing is the only way to know how the world truly looks like.”

Which is the reason why I started this blog, in order to share the pieces of what my mind absorbed through my experiences of life, this way you will not only get to know ƒannyLu but also the corners of the world I looked behind, the road that my present passes by, and the secrets of a unpublished mind.


ƒanny U. Larsson. Pieces from an unpublished  mind. As long as I can remember the only thing I could do was to write, the only thing that can structure my world. That is the way I always used writing, acting between fiction and reality, and now it is time for me to share. Born in a smaller city of Sweden, in 2015 I finally packed my bag with one mission in my mind, “If I am going to die, I can might as well live for the last time” since then everything I knew changed and I was finally able to leave my blue balloon and experience life to the fullest.
Please, feel welcome to follow my journey.